PLEASE NOTE: Most parking on campus is free of charge after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and on weekends.  Please avoid parking in spots that say University Vehicles Only. Also avoid Lot 55. 


Based on the building where you want to park close to, the following are the best options: 

Events on Friday:

The following lots will not enforce parking fees during the day on Friday:

Events on Saturday:


Buses can use a CATA bus stop to actively drop-off/pick-up passengers. 

PLEASE NOTE: Standing, staging, queuing, or parking at the stop is prohibited.

Oversized vehicles (any vehicle that will use more than one parking space, such as buses, trucks, trailers, etc.) can park at: 

  • Lot 86 (east side of Manley Miles Building) 
  • Lot 104 (east side of IBM building on Crescent Rd.) 
  • Lot 16 (west side of Ramp 7 – near Breslin Center)

General Available Parking 

General available parking lots during the summer that are free of charge include: 

All other lots, regular restrictions will be enforced.