Flight (B and C)

Please be aware that air handling will be turned off during flights in both IM Circle Upper and Lower Gyms.  If you are experiencing symptoms of (or are concerned about) upper respiratory infection such as Covid-19, please wear a mask while in these facilities.  Masks will be available inside the main entrance.

Flying Practice begins at 7:15am and concludes prior to the first scheduled flight.

There will be a brief ventilation cycle at the lunch break with at least 30 minutes of 'calm down' period before flights resume.

Note:  There is a discrepancy between the flight times in the 'published schedule' (with all events) and the ESUS self scheduling.  ESUS is correct.

Upper Gymnasium (Division B)

Lower Gymnasium (Division C)

Air Trajectory (B and C)

All teams please submit design log by 8pm EDT on May 21, 2024

NEW: Air Trajectory Letter

Air Trajectory Division B Design Log Submission Form 

Air Trajectory Division C Design Log Submission Form 

The design log will be evaluated prior to the competition.  If there are questions about the design log they will be addressed at impound or when the team checks in to compete on Saturday.  Logs will not be returned to the team, so they must impound a copy if they wish to use it during the competition.

Mechanical ventilation is ON in the event arena.  

Detector Building (C):  ORP Sensor Connection Diagram

-NEW:  Please read the above .  The Detector Building National Event Supervisor is allowing the students to get started on their test before the tournament even begins.   One of the questions on the test will ask the students to draw or sketch an Electronic Schematic Diagram of their ORP Probe and any circuitry between it and the input to the microprocessor.   The competitors can complete this task before the tournament and this diagram will be collected at the start of their competition block.    See the ORP Probe Connection Diagram sheet for more details.

Trial Events

Agricultural Science B/C: impound 9-10am  YEAR 2 topics

Engineering CAD: Engineering CAD is a bring your own device event.   Each competitor may bring  writing utensils, a laptop that can run OnShape, a wired or wireless Mouse, and a charger.

Mission Possible: Impound 9-10am

Teams do not have to submit a design log for Mission Possible

Teams Will need to turn in 2 copies of their Action Sequence List (ASL) at impound

Teams can choose any of the 12 tasks listed in 5.d and complete them in any order.  They will be awarded 50 points for each successful task.

Solar Power B/C

All teams written test from 9-10am.  Sign up for time to test device.

NEW: Per Rule 4 II e, the judges are opting to leave the temperature probes in the devices for the duration of the 10 minute heating period.

Solar Power will use a 75W incandescent light bulb